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Poisoning in Cats

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It is said that, cats are easily poisoned because cats find everything new, they might play with it or lick it and while licking or playing they get easily poisoned. Some poisons affect the body badly, such as internal bleeding, affecting the brain and heart, and nervous system of brain.

Poisons affect the feline body of cats in different ways. Poisoning in cats is alarming situation for the owners. As soon as possible, after diagnosing any toxic cats must be seen by some veteran.

Common Cats Poisons

There are some causes of poisoning in cats. It is fact that cats do not know whether the food they are eating or environment is toxin or not. Directly ingesting the toxin substance either by eating or by eating poison prey or inhaling, may cause poison

  • Inhaling the toxin because of toxic environment for cats
  • Absorbing some toxin substance through their skins.
  • Sometimes, if the owner cleans his cats with some chemical agent, it may cause poison in cats.

Some pesticides cause poison in cats, such as;

  • Insecticide
  • Molluscicides (snail killer)
  • Fungicides (treating fungal infect)
  • Rodenticides (rat killer)

Household and chemical products also cause poison; Cleaning and hygiene products such as detergent, cleaning fluids etc can burn the feet of cats if they walk on it. Some human medicines such as aspirin, paracetamol, and its little amount can kill the cat. Sometimes, cats’ overdose on vitamins or supplements, especially if they are given high levels of vitamin A or D. Beauty products and decorating material like paints, white spirit can cause poison in cats.

Effects/Signs of poison in Cats

Signs are connected to the toxin substance the cats are suffering from. Most toxics give signs of:

  • Gastrointestinal signs (Vomiting and Diarrhea)
  • Depression or coma signs
  • Skin signs (Inflammation or swelling)
  • Liver failure signs
  • Increased urination
  • Cat coughing, sneezing, trembling, poor health condition.


Treatment of poisoning in cats can be depended on the type and sign of toxin in cats. After diagnosis the poison immediately call some vet. And most of the time, you may not know the source of toxin and Veteran may prescribe some options such as giving medicines or some blood test options like;

  • Fluid Therapy (this will help to flush out the toxin from cats’ body)
  • Anti-seizure medication
  • Activated Charcoal (this will help in to prevent toxin from spreading in body)

Preventing Cat poisoning

Prevention is always best medicine instead of medication or other medical tests. By taking some steps to prevent the cats from many types of poison and other unhygienic things, can make your cat healthy and protective. Some of preventative measures include feeding cats, don’t feed cats’ human foods because they may develop a taste for it or may cause unhealthy signs in cats.

Another measure to protect cats from poisoning is to use cleaning products for cats. Make sure to keep your cats away from the human medicines or overuse of vitamin because they may cause poison or unhealthy effects in cats. Make sure to keep your cats indoor because of some dangerous plants that can have poison, or protect them from household materials such as, detergent, or other washable materials. Protect your cats from different pesticides because they may cause allergy in cats’ body or create poison. So, know the warning signs of cat poisoning and do the best you can do.


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